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Storage Shelter

Storage Shelter
Storage Shelter
Storage Shelter

Product Details

Place of Origin: QingDao, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Type: Storage Shelters

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Product Description


Brief Information

Model: GS3230T

Size: L9m x W9.7m x H4.7m (W31'10"' * L29'6" * H15'5" )

Frame: Robust galvanized trussed steel frame

Cover: 300g/m2 PE fabric; 610g/m2 PVC fabric

Door: 3-zipper rolling up door

Purpose: vehicle shelter, garden shed, industrial shelter, warehouse, storage shelter, etc .


SIZE L*W*H (m)

Load Capability

Weight / kg




300g PE

610g PVC


9 * 9.7 * 4.7




6 arches

  Product Characteristics

Robust and hot galvanized of trussed steel frame

300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC fabric, strong and durable, uv resistant, firetardant

3-Zipper rolling up door

Easy assembly. All the parts are well preprocessed and includes in the package

Portable and re-located

Multi storaging purpose


Our advantages

● Leading fabric shelter manufacturer in China, having the largest and most professional manufacturing workshops, with annual production over 4000 tons.


● Independant and experienced designin team, with quick response on customers' requests within 24 hours, to cover all your storage purposes.


● Customized services we do for you. 


● Standard and complete production managements, in both the cold working workshops and the large fabric manuafacturing workshops. 


● Strict quality control, from the material inspection to the final delivery.


● The lowest price and the quickest delivery.


● The most professional all in one servie.

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