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Q: What are the Shelters made of?

A: All the Great Shelter products are made of steel tubing frames with fabric covers. 


Our steel tubing frames are all galvanised. All sitting on galvanised base plates or base rails. The size of the steel varies from one model to another, please refer to the individual products to find out what size steel is used, or don't hesitate to email us or call us.


300g/m2 PE fabric cover and 610g/m2 PVC fabric cover are the common choices, also some other choices for various weights in grams as per customers's requests.

Q:What are the Frames' structures?

A:Generally, Great Shelters can be divided into two kinds of structures, single tubing frame shelters and trussed frame shelters.


The ribs of all the Great Shelter range are connected by swaged ends, and purlins are connected by flat ends by bolts. Earth augers and stakes are provided for securing down on to earth surfaces. Alternatively, if assembling onto concrete pads, dyna bolts can be used.

Q:what colours are Great Shelter products available in?

A: 300g/m2 PE fabric covers are available in white, dark green, silver gray.

610g/m2 PVC fabric covers are available in white, silver gray.

Q:How difficult is it to assemble a Great Shelter structure?

A: Not difficult at all. GS provide excellent, simple but clear written and diagrammatic assembly instructions with each model. A minimal amount of tools are required and certainly nothing special is needed. 


Tools required can include a spanner, mallet, tape measure and sharp knife.


A small step ladder is advisable for the smaller models.


Some of the larger/taller models will require access to either a sturdy large ladder or moveable scaffold.  A forkhoist with cage is also very convenient.
Q:Once assembled, is any ongoing maintenance required?

A: Upon assembly, ensure that the cover of your shelter is well tensioned, then reqularly check that this tension is maintained at all times.  Ensure that the choke ropes at the front and back remain tied off, and tight.  Make sure that the ratchet straps remain well tensioned and in place.  Do not remove any ratchet straps or untie any choke ropes.   Check periodically and replace where necessary.


A well tensioned cover will mean that it will not rub or wear on the frame of the shelter.  A loose and flapping cover will also pull and place pressure on your frame. 


Check that your shelter continues to remain firmly fixed down to the surface you have assembled it on.  Ensure augers and stakes are not removed or loosened at all.  Make sure that your frame remains bolted firmly and cannot move.  


Bungee's will require replacement periodically so that they remain elastic and firm fitting.  Replacement bungees are available for purchase.


Wash your shelter down occassionally with a soft brush and hose.  Do not waterblast or use any harsh or abrasive chemicals to clean.  
 Q: How long will the fabric covers last?

A: Both our PE and PVC fabric are UV-Resistant to withstand the damage caused by UV. Different locations will be affected to differing degree's because of different UV intensity.


According to our experiences, the lifespan for 300g/m2 PE cover is 3-5 years, and 610g/m2 PVC cover is 6-8 years.
 Q: How strong are the Great Shelter products?

A: All Great Shelter products are capable of withstanding significant weather and wind, but it all comes back to how well you have anchored your shelter down, bolted tubes and tensioned cover. 


Give a good and firm assembly, timely maintenance to your shelter. You will get a good and long term performance.
Q: Can I buy replacement parts?

A:Replacement parts are available for purchase for all our shelters, including replacement covers.
Q: Can I have shelters custom built to my own particular requirements?

A: Yes, Professional engineer team and strong technical support let us have the ability to design and produce according to customers' requests! You may have your own thoughts on shelters' design, your circumstances and purposes may request special characters. Do not worry, let us know your smart ideas freely, we would like to design for you specially. Our high professional and vast experiences will give you a satisfied design!



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